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first aid

The bleeding edge of care

Safety at sea or at remote locations is of paramount importance, and it is the responsibility of every remote worker to ensure that the vessel or remote worksite operates in a safe and secure manner. Our first aid courses are highly regulated and are conducted in accordance with international standards.

type of courses

STCW Training


STCW Medical First Aid & Medical Care

STCW Medical First Aid

STCW Medical Care

Possibility for hybrid courses

GWO First Aid


GWO First Aid Basic

GWO First Aid Basic Refresher

NOGEPA Training


NOGEPA 2.2A Offshore First Aid Basic

NOGEPA 2.2B Offshore First Aid Refresher

Training Location Rotterdam.jpg

training location

The training location is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There are several spacious classrooms with different practical stations, where all skills can be trained in practice. For example, there is a medical hospital for training in examining victims, and there is a climbing tower for safety training.

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