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Our team of experts has extensive experience in sourcing medical equipment. We can help you out with either medical furniture, diagnostic equipments, laboratory instruments and so on. 

a trusted source for medical equipment

Our team will work with you to determine your specific needs and provide recommendations for equipment that will best suit your application.

In addition to our relationships with manufacturers, we also have an extensive network of suppliers who provide us with access to a wide range of medical equipment. This allows us to offer competitive prices and a broad selection of products, including medical imaging equipment, laboratory instruments, diagnostic equipment, and consumables.

medical equipment

MORE Medical encompasses a vast array of tools and devices used in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of various medical conditions. There are different types of medical equipment designed for specific medical specialties, such as cardiology, neurology, radiology, surgery and more.

Patient Monitors

patient monitors

Infusion Pump Offshore

infusion & syringe pumps

Stretcher for Ships


humanitarian aid

humanitarian aid



Anesthesia Machine Offshore

anesthesia machines

Hospital Furniture

hospital furniture

Alcohol Testing Device

testing devices



Offshore Respiratory

respiratory support devices

Hospital Bed for Ship

rehabilitation devices

Telemedical Solution

telemedical solutions

selection of our products

When someone is the victim of sudden cardiac arrest, their survival depends on high-quality CPR and a rescuer with an AED.

The AED’s first heart analysis is critical. If it calls for no shock, only CPR can lead to a shockable rhythm on the next analysis. CPR provides a struggling heart with oxygenated blood needed to help restore a normal rhythm.

All ZOLL AEDs guide you through the process of performing high-quality CPR and will, if needed, deliver a potentially lifesaving shock to the heart. With a ZOLL AED and quick action, you could help avert tragedy.

Buy Comen V8

lighter damage

Comen Monitor





Comen V1 Ventilator Buy

The integrated high-performance turbine provides pneumatic performance that can match any compressed-airbased ICU ventilator.

The built-in power unit can not only generate higher pressure but also support continuous O2 concentration and various auxiliary ventilation tools.

Make difference during either
short-term and long-term transport

Continuous care from the referral agency to the receiving hospital can be provided. We continue exactly what the referring hospital or ICU is expecting to put that patient on for ventilator settings.
Change to the patient could actually be made even for a few minute transport.

Comen V1 Ventilator Buy

9.3 hours battery life

Comen V1 Ventilator

6.5 kg

Provide a full range of functions to
meet various life support needs

With Defibrillation, Pacing, Monitoring and AED
mode, S8 is not only suitable for pre- hospital first
aid, but also applicable in in- hospital usage.

As the most important part of CPR, time is the key for defibrillator monitor. Therefore, S8 abandons complex operation and improve convenience and efficiency for rescue.

Buy Comen V8

lighter damage

Comen Monitor


defibrillator monitor

Comen S8 Defibrillator


12 Lead ECG for Maritime

The development of internet continues to revolutionize various industries, including those of computers, mobile phones, watches, glasses, and even medical equipment. Keeping pace with the trend of minaturization, the H12 high-end 12-channel ECG device.

A smaller and more sophisticated ECG device should be a perfect combination of design and function.

The 10.4-inch full touch screen with vertical screen design takes place of the conventional complex keyboard design. Full touch screen design makes operation simpler and cleaning and disinfection more convenient.

ECG on Ship

of 10.000 cases

ECG On Ship

directly connect with preferred system

It is small, yet strong, and intuitive

Nowadays, patient monitoring during transport is becoming more and more important, requires timeliness, continuity and comprehensiveness. K1 is designed for seamless patient monitoring during transport and at the bedside. Clinicians can stay informed anytime and anywhere.


To extend functions, K1 can be equipped with Module Rack and Docking Station, delivers both basic and advanced parameter measurements for low-acuity, mid-acuity and high-acuity patients.

Comen Patient Monitor

10 hours battery life

Comen Patient Monitor

ip44 grade dust and waterproof resistance

patient monitor

Patient Monitor Comen K1

er stretcher

ER Stretcher.png

Our ER stretcher is a vital piece of gear found in emergency medical situations. It's built to swiftly and securely transport patients of different sizes and conditions. Packed with advanced features, it ensures optimal care and comfort during transit. ER stretchers are indispensable for medical responders and hospital staff needing a dependable way to move patients.

  • Manual backrest, legrest, height, and +/- Trendelenburg movements

  • Plastic coated lower part

  • Aluminium sliding side rails

  • 4 bumpers in each corner

  • Height adjustable chrome nickel coated IV pole

  • 200 mm diameter central lock and directional way castors

  • Electrostatic powder coating

ER Stretcher

hydraulic pump system

Hospital Furniture

manual backrest, legrest and height

Rapid molecular diagnostic platform for SARS-CoV-2 based on RT-PCR amplification technology

VitaPCR is an innovative rapid molecular diagnostic platform based on the well-established reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology which allows significantly faster testing than any other laboratory molecular method. It is also more accurate than conventional rapid testing

20 Minutes PCR Test

result within 20 minutes

Portable PCR Test



VitaPCR Device


Offshore Telemedicine Case

The Telemedicine Station is specifically designed to enable the acquisition and transmission of a patient’s vital data in order to make a medical diagnosis. Vital data is centralized on an integrated Tablet PC via our software and transmitted and stored securely on the cloud.

  • ECG - 12-lead, no consumables and wireless automatic transmission

  • Pulse Oxymeter - Indestructible, washable and reliable

  • Blood Pressure - Automatic, with armband and digital display

  • Touchscreen Tablet - Wired and wireless communication (WiFi & Bluetooth)

Comen Monitor

with no consumables

Portable PCR Test

portable, and 8 hours battery life in full use

The ACE AL7000 is used to measure the alcohol content in the breath. switch sensors are available for the ACE AL7000. you can replace the sensor yourself quickly and easily.

Recommended calibration/sensor replacement after

300 tests

Including 5 mouthpieces with back-breath protection

12V car adapter (no charging function)

Soft bag with hook

Hand loop

Portable PCR Test



Alcoholtester AL7000.jpg
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