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The yacht industry is well-know for their well equipped and sophisticated medical outfittings. Most of the times essential medical advice is missing.

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yachting industry

Yachting can be a thrilling and luxurious experience, but it also comes with potential health risks. Imagine a circumstance when a medical incident occurs; stress levels are high and most of the times there is specialistic medical advice needed. The proximity of the yacht from land whether on the move or at anchor can make these kind of situations a lot more complicated. With our Topside Medical Support we can help you mitigate these kind of medical situations.


Being out at sea can present a range of potential health hazards and emergencies that require immediate attention. This is especially true for those who are engaging in water sports or other physical activities on board of the yacht. Having the back-up of our trained on-call Emergency Response Physicians can make all the difference in a crisis situation.

Our telemedical tool can enhance the effectiveness of our Topside Medical Support. The Remote Medical Tablet is a portable, all-in-one medical device that provides a range of diagnostic measurements, including blood pressure, pulse oximetry, electrocardiography (ECG), and more. It is also designed to store and manage patient data, allowing our Emergency Response Physicians to quickly access and analyze important information in case of an emergency. The device is user-friendly and can be operated by non-medical personnel, making it a valuable addition to any yacht's medical kit.

Our yacht medical personnel is able to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment. Our personnel is trained and qualified for ensuring the safety and well-being of crew and passengers on board.

With these measures in place, yacht trips can be enjoyed with the assurance that professional medical assistance is always within reach.

services for the yacht industry

Medical services in the yacht industry play a crucial role in addressing potential health emergencies and ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members, allowing for a worry-free yachting experience

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remote medical tablet

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