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reaching out when healthcare is out of reach

Working at sea is a demanding environment, which in it's own turn is quite unique. When an accute medical incident occurs, there may be no direct access to healthcare or medical professionals available.

remote medical advice

Our 24/7 Topside Medical Support service connects the Medical Responsible person on-board or on a remote site directly with our Emergency Response Physicians. This way our Topside Medical Support team can help the patient, with a medical emergency, medical advice, or a routine medical issue. 

Our telemedical tool can enhance the effectiveness of our Topside Medical Support. The Remote Medical Tablet is a portable, all-in-one medical device that provides a range of diagnostic measurements, including blood pressure, pulse oximetry, electrocardiography (ECG), and more. It is also designed to store and manage patient data, allowing our Emergency Response Physicians to quickly access and analyze important information in case of an emergency. The device is user-friendly and can be operated by non-medical personnel, making it a valuable addition to any remote site.

about topside medical support

At MORE Medical we like to keep things simple, this also applies to our pricing structure. 

Topside Support

Topside medical advice

We understand that when it comes to remote operations, connectivity can sometimes be limited. Basic connectivity such as telephone and e-mail are the most important channels of communication. If desired we can also work with other telemedical devices and equipment.

Cheap Remote Medical Advice

best market pricing

With our transparent subscription model, you can avoid the unpredictable costs associated with on-demand medical services. Our fair pricing ensures that you receive unlimited medical calls without breaking the bank.

Topside Subscription

subscription based

We offer our clients a yearly subscription model that allows you to access our 24/7 Topside Medical Support services.

Our subscription model is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that you have access to reliable and prompt medical assistance whenever you need it.

Medical Live Dashboard Topside

medical dashboard

By using our real-time medical dashboard, our clients can identify patterns and trends in their patient demographics, which can help them develop more effective healthcare strategies and interventions.

crew welfare

Our Real-Time Crew Welfare Dashboard has the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and save lives. It allows medical professionals to respond quickly to changing circumstances and make informed decisions based on the latest information. By providing a centralized source of real-time data, this dashboard can help to improve the quality of care and reduce medical errors.

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