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Mesi mTablet
Mesi mTablet


The Remote Medical Tablet is a modular remote diagnostic tool that helps shipping, oil & gas and offshore companies to take care of their crew by combining diagnostic measurements, patient records and clinical support tools in one modular and user-friendly system.

All measurement reports and patient data are automatically and securely stored in the patient record. The information can be reviewed by a medical professional on any device through the patient's information system. Performance and functionality can be enhanced by adding modules and applications to the remote medical tablet.

Communication between the Offshore Medic, Nurse, and Emergency Response Physician is crucial for the patient’s outcome. With the device, all stakeholders access healthcare information in the same format. This prevents misunderstandings in communication and inconsistencies in reporting, thereby reducing time spent on diagnosis and treatment.


12-lead ecg

First completely digital electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. It is an important tool for evaluating the heart's health and function, particularly during an emergency situation at sea. The ECG can provide important information about the heart's rhythm and help identify any problems such as a heart attack, arrhythmia or other heart conditions. This information is crucial for making an accurate diagnosis and providing appropriate treatment, which may be life-saving in an emergency situation at sea.

  • Wireless, digital 12-lead ECG measurement

  • Sharing results for an immediate second opinion with our combined Topside Medical Support service

  • Capture and analyse high-quality ECG data, and make it instantly accessible to the on-call Emergency Response Physicians or other specialists.

Mesi mTablet ECG
Remote Medical Advice Platform


The Remote Medical Tablet BP brings high precision to the offshore healthcare environment. It is a portable blood pressure monitor for fast and accurate readings.

Blood pressure is a measure of the force of blood against the walls of the arteries as it is pumped around the body by the heart. It is important to monitor blood pressure during an emergency at sea because changes in blood pressure can indicate various medical conditions that may need to be treated. For example, low blood pressure (hypotension) can be a sign of dehydration or shock, while high blood pressure (hypertension) can increase the risk of a heart attacks or strokes. By measuring blood pressure, our Emergency Response Physicians can get a better understanding of a person's overall health and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed. This is especially important in an emergency situation at sea, where access to medical care may be limited and timely treatment can be critical.

BP Module Mesi
  • First wireless arm cuff supporting multiple cuff sizes

  • One arm cuff, several operating modes

  • Advanced analysis options with pulse waveforms

BP Tablet
Marine Offshore Remote Emergency Medical


The Remote Medical Tablet SPIRO is the most versatile digital spirometer with multiple measurement modes and parameter calculation options.

Spirometry is a medical test that measures the volume and flow of air in and out of the lungs. It is useful for evaluating respiratory function and diagnosing lung conditions, and may be important in an emergency situation at sea to identify and treat respiratory problems, determine the severity of any symptoms, and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Wireless mode of operation for offshore, maritime health operations and use

  • Pneumotachograph technology with integrated self-calibration for accurate measurements at any time

  • Automatic best breath selection with a clear and intuitive measurement review

Spirometry Tablet
Remote Spirometry

pulse oximeter

The Remote Medical Tablet SPO2 is a wireless pulse oximeter system for screening, diagnosing or monitoring acute respiratory or heart illness.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the oxygen saturation of a person's blood. It is useful for assessing lung function, monitoring oxygen therapy, and identifying and treating respiratory and circulatory problems. In an emergency situation at sea, a pulse oximeter can help healthcare professionals ensure that oxygen levels remain within a safe range and adjust treatment as needed.

Commercial Shipping SPo2
  • An intuitive user interface with quickly adjustable operating modes

  • Large screen with high visibility of SpO₂ levels and heart rate

  • More than 8000 measurements per single battery charge

SPO2 Oil and Gas
SPO2 Yachts

all devices within your reach


All devices within your reach.

mTablet Layouts
  • Ideal layout for the offshore medic's office or medical responsible person on-board, where quick and reliable vital sign measurements are performed

  • Plug-and-play setup with no technical skills required

  • Simultaneous charging of all modules and the Remote Medical Tablet

  • Up to four modules on the charging station

  • Magnetic charging connector


Space-saving options for charging and storage

mTablet Wall Mount
  • Ideal for the examination room: well-organised and fully charged devices at all times

  • Fully customizable and space-saving set-up

  • Magnetic charging points for safe storage of all modules

  • Vertical or horizontal mounting option

  • Dedicated wall-mount for the Remote Medical Tablet


Wireless diagnostic station on wheels

mTablet Trolley
  • Ideal for use in multiple rooms at a remote medical clinic or in a large workboat setting.

  • Adaptable to individual use with the option to customise the tray configuration

  • Simultaneous charging of all modules with enough space for all accessories and a printer

  • Upgradeable with an automated ECG vacuum electrode system

  • General shelf option

tablet bag

Your entire system: Wherever, whenever

mTablet Bag
  • Ideal for patient visits around the vessel or other worksite

  • Wheeled case that fits the entire Remote Medical Tablet system, including charging plates and accessories

  • Separate compartments for personal items and other medical supplies, with a dedicated space for a 15’ laptop

  • Wheels for quick transport

  • Comfortable shoulder straps


Remote Medical Tablet

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