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and vaccinations

comprehensive health assessments
of your crew

Seafarer, offshore and other medical examinations are a vital process that must be undergone by the crew as part of their pre-employment requirements. These examinations are designed to ensure that seafarers and remote workers are physically and mentally fit to perform their duties on board. They also minimize the risks of accidents and injuries while at sea or abroad.

medical examination 

All medical examinations for working in the nautical shipping and offshore/wind industry are offered by us.

After approval you will receive a medical health certificate which meets the requirements for the specific sector for which you have been examined. This statement is usually valid for 2 years.


Our offshore medical examinations are conducted in accordance with international standards set by the NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploitation and Production Association). The seafarer medical examination is carried out in accordance with the inspection guidelines as established by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). These standards ensure that seafarers are physically and mentally fit to work onboard ships and that they are not suffering from any communicable diseases that may pose a risk to the health and safety of the crew or passengers.

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contents of examinations

Seafarer ECG


For some examinations it is necessary to make an ECG. These can be made directly on location.

Seafarer Eye Test

eye test

The doctor pays attention to the ability to distinguish colors well, whether one can see in the dark, or the field of vision is good and whether one can observe well in space.

Seafarer Hearing Test

hearing test

Most medical examinations include a hearing test, a so-called audiometry. This test is carried out in our specially insulated, soundproof cabin.

Seafarer Health Check

health check

You complete an extensive medical questionnaire. Based on this, the doctor will make an assessment of your health situation.

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seafarer vaccinations

Employers of seafarers and remote workers need to know where each crew member will be travelling to and the risks of infection. We check the vaccination status of the seafarer and remote worker and ensure that any missing vaccinations are given. We also check other remote health risks and travel risks like yellow fever, malaria, rabies etc. Through this way we will provide the crew member with the necessary advice and preventive measures on these topics.

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