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mental health support

not untill we are lost,
do we begin to understand ourselves

Working on a vessel at sea or at a remote location can be a demanding and challenging experience. Seafarers and remote workers are often isolated from their families and friends for extended periods of time. They may be required to perform physically and mentally demanding tasks in a harsh and unpredictable environment. 

mental health 

Working remote is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires individuals to spend extended periods of time away from their loved ones. However, being away from home for extended periods can take a toll on the mental health of those working remote. They may face a range of mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Mental health problems are often stigmatized, making it difficult for remote workers to seek help and support when they need it most. As a result, they may suffer in silence, leading to further deterioration of their mental health and well-being.

It is essential to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health, and needs to be prioritized to be able to effectively and safely fullfill the work that needs to be done.


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24/7 traumatic event support

Our 24/7 service helps individuals cope with the immediate psychological aftermath of a traumatic event.

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24/7 mental health support

We offer immediate one-to-one counseling and support through call and e-mail with access to mental health professionals.

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individual or group therapy 

Our trained psychologists help to improve mental resilience and healthy functioning through individual or group counseling.

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mental health training

Learn how to effectively promote mental health and be effective in demanding work environments.

about mental health support

Topside Support

24/7 support

Our Traumatic Event Support and Mental Health Support lines are available 24/7. We understand that when it comes to remote operations, connectivity can sometimes be limited. Basic connectivity such as telephone and e-mail are the most important channels of communication.

Topside Subscription

subscription based

Our subscription model is designed to give you and your crew peace of mind, knowing that you have access to reliable and prompt mental health assistance whenever you need it. 

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individual and
group therapy

The personal therapies have been specifically developed for people who have fallen out of work due to a disturbed balance. Think of stress, depression, fears, grief processing and emotional problems as a result of a shocking experience. The aim of the therapies is to return to daily life and work in a stronger way. Here, tools in self-management are the basis tailored to one's own person.

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mental health training

We provide several mental health training sessions to seafarers and remote workers to help them recognize and respond to mental health concerns among their peers and crew members. This training equips them with the tools they need to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, provide initial support, and refer individuals to appropriate resources and services.

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