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By prioritizing safety and medical services, the offshore industry can reduce the risk of accidents, promote worker health, and ensure the overall well-being of employees.

healthcare services
for the offshore industry

The offshore industry poses unique challenges to the health and safety of its workers. Employees in this industry are often working in remote locations, exposed to harsh weather conditions, and engaged in physically demanding work. As such, access to reliable medical services is critical to ensuring the well-being of offshore workers.

MORE Medical services for the offshore industry typically involve a range of services, including medical staffing, Topside Medical Support, and delivery of medical supplies. Medical staffing includes the provision of offshore doctors, medics, and nurses who are trained to provide a range of medical services to offshore workers. Our medical professionals are experienced and have all the necessary certifications.

Offshore doctors and medics are responsible for the provision of medical treatment to offshore workers, such as emergency medical care, medical assessments and recommendations for medical evacuations.

Different offshore projects and locations require different medical needs. Let our team guide you in the medical needs of your offshore project.

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services for offshore industries

Medical services for offshore industries play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of crew members and passengers while at sea. The unique challenges and risks associated with working offshore require specialized medical expertise and equipment to provide prompt and effective care in the event of an emergency.

Topside Support

Topside medical support

remote medical tablet

remote medical tablet

Fixed Fee Model


Medical Oxygen

medical oxygen

Offshore Doctor

offshore medical staffing

Medical Equipment

medical equipment

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mental health support

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medical examination

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first aid Courses

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